• Drakpa Wangdi Department of Roads, Ministry of Works & Human Settlement, Thimphu
  • Cheku Dorji Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Phuentsholing
  • Gom Dorji Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Phuentsholing
  • Dr. Ugyen Dorji Department of Civil Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Phuentsholing




renewable energy, biogas,, boiled rice wastewater, organic materials, bench-scale


Renewable energy is seen as a potential option to offset the rate at which natural resources are being depleted. As a result, investment and development of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biogas have grown substantially. While wind and solar are being used more efficiently as technology advances rapidly, and the research and application of biogas production are also being explored. Biogas is a green energy source produced from the decomposition of organic materials such as food waste and animal manure. In this study, the potential for bench-scale biogas production was investigated using boiled rice wastewater as the primary feedstock. Considering parameters such as ambient temperature, control temperature, and pH of the feedstock, three experimental setups were carried out. The findings suggest the potential of biogas from boiled rice wastewater as the primary raw material. Temperature, pH, and HRT are all important factors in biogas production. This study observed that boiled rice wastewater feed could generate 2.97 liters of biogas per litre of raw material.


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Wangdi, D., Dorji, C., Dorji, G., & Dorji, D. U. (2022). A BENCH-SCALE STUDY ON POTENTIAL BIOGAS PRODUCTION FROM BOILED RICE WASTEWATER. Journal of Applied Engineering, Technology and Management, 2(1), 15–24. https://doi.org/10.54417/jaetm.v2i1.54